Elder Law

We solve problems for seniors.  Each client has a unique set of needs that we address with a variety of traditional elder law practices such as estate planning, Medicaid planning, divisions of assets and asset protection.

Estate Planning

The core of our Firm’s services revolves around the practice of estate planning.  Basic estate planning documents including but are not limited to powers of attorney, healthcare declarations, wills, living trusts, and/or irrevocable trusts.

Establishing estate planning documents can prepare a family for situations that could arise in the future, namely situations related to incapacity.  These documents help eliminate the need for a court-ordered conservatorship and/or guardianship.

Medicaid Planning

When permanent long term care is necessary for a client, the need to address the issue of Medicaid qualification is a primary interest.  Our firm has  developed expertise in the area of asset protection in Medicaid situations.

Additionally, the issue of gifting is a huge concern.  If the client has made a large gift prior to entering care, it is vitally important to address that issue immediately upon its discovery.

Asset Protection

There are many avenues to legal asset protection.  Two of the areas that have proven useful for our clients are Medicaid annuities and irrevocable trusts.